Shop My Size Sale

All items in this collection will be 70% off regular wholesale pricing!!

  • Sale starts: Friday, Jan 26 @ 8 am MT/10 am ET.
  • Sale ends: Friday, Feb 2 @ 8 am MT/10 am ET.

Items are tagged as an entire group: ShopMySize24

We also tagged each size as a separate group!

  • XS: ShopMySize24XS
  • Small: ShopMySize24S
  • Medium: ShopMySize24M
  • Large: ShopMySize24L
  • XL: ShopMySize24XL
  • 1XL: ShopMySize241XL
  • 2XL: ShopMySize242XL
  • 3XL: ShopMySize243XL
  • Denim: ShopMySize24D
  • Shoes: ShopMySize24A

You can set up size collections in your own store to match our tags. There are hundreds of items here, so it can be overwhelming to your customers to sort through so many pieces! Breaking it down by size makes it much easier to shop :)