Corkys Available Now


      Ave Shops + Corkys!! 
      We are SO happy to announce a new partnership with our favorite shoe brand…...
      Shoes have always been a more difficult product for us to offer. They are expensive to ship to our warehouse, expensive for us to ship to your customers + BULKY to store. These factors have limited the number of shoe styles that we can launch.

      • This partnership will allow us to release lots of new styles on a regular basis!
      • We will start with smaller quantities in each style and will offer a much wider variety of options than we have previously.
      • If a style sells quickly and is still available from Corkys, we can restock immediately!
      The shoes will be stored in a separate facility to give us quick access to Corkys inventory (so we don’t have to wait for shipping to Utah), and will be shipped directly to your customers from our new location!
      • This will of course generate additional shipping costs, but we don’t currently have the tech capability to automatically charge separate shipping fees.
      • So for now the shipping cost for each pair of shoes will be built into the product cost! For samples orders on wholesale only, the shipping
      • In the future we hope to build in an automated feature to calculate shipping separately, but our tech team has been a little swamped with all the CommentSold changes. 
      We hope your customers will be super excited with all of the new shoes that are coming their way!