Each week we offer a group of items that are available to order for a limited time and will be delivered at a future date. Turnaround time will vary but is always specified on the product listing! Preorder collections are items that we do *not* have in stock currently in the warehouse and the ETA will vary.

      • See Open Preorders HERE
      • See Ready to Ship Preorders (sometimes we have extras!) HERE
      • See Closed Preorders HERE


      Personalized orders must be placed directly on the wholesale site! Payment is collected up front on those items and customization info can be entered on the wholesale listing.


      1. What happens if my customer orders in stock and preorder items together?

      • In stock items will be processed according to your regular Ave Tech settings.
      • Preorder items will remain in a pending state until we receive and process them.
      • Shipping charges will be calculated and charged with each sub-order, as that's when we'll know the total items shipped, and the weight of the order.
      • Check out this video to get a quick demo from Glen on combined orders!

      2. When can I delete preorder products from my Shopify?

      Please do not delete preorder products (or any products!) until all of your orders have been fulfilled for that item! If you delete a product listing while there is a pending order in Ave Tech, all pending orders for that item will be cancelled.

      3. Can I cancel my preorder?

      By placing an order for a preorder item, you are committing to the order and it cannot be cancelled after the preorder close date. ETA's are our best estimates and do not guarantee delivery by a certain date.


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